Wonka Fabulicious Raspberry Twister RJ's 6 x 1kg BOX

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6.60 KGS
  • Raspberry Twister Red Liquorice box Wonka Rj's
  • Wonka Raspberry Twister Red Licorice sweets
  • Wonka Raspberry Twister Red Liquorice box opened
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Wonka Fabulicious Raspberry Twister. There are 90 of these fabulous raspberry twister strips per box. Bulk buy 6 boxes of twisters. One of the most popular confectionery lines we stock. Too much of this sweet is not enough. Note that this line has been sold to Darrell Lea and they can no longer use the Wonka brand name. It now has the RJ's brand on the box. It still 100% the same product just a slightly different packaging.

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